Don McKinnon

Head of Construction

Don comes from a construction family and has spent his life becoming an accomplished construction worker/contractor, while simultaneously becoming well-versed in the world of marketing in anticipation for running a construction company.


Don was a founding partner of DDM Technologies, Inc whose team has designed and installed network solutions for many enterprise-class businesses, data-centers, and a $33M touring road-show. While at DDM Technologies he oversaw all construction, contracting, and marketing. Don helped to grow DDM into one of Southern California’s leading structured cabling companies.


Don McKinnon is a founding partner of Fully Functional Technology, Inc. As a licensed low-voltage contractor, Don is a specialist in low-voltage cabling, fiber optic cabling, and network design, ensuring all work is done properly and follows local building & safety codes. Having worked in the construction industry for over a decade, he has served as foreman for multiple large-scale projects, and has a proven ability to design and implement creative solutions when faced with a challenge.


Don also has a background in digital and print marketing. He is the Head of Marketing for Fully Functional Technologies and has helped to design and maintain digital campaigns for many other businesses.

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