James Wright

Head of Security & Technology

James has a life-long passion for IT and Security and has always sought out the most interesting, challenging work he could find. He’s built and secured whole IT infrastructures for a range of companies and institutions that include the Marvel Experience (entertainment), Infotrieve (publishing), and parts of Orange County (local government). He has done computer and network security consulting for financial institutions like Indymac Bank and Western Asset Managent, for medical and insurance firms like Health Care Partners and Wellpoint / Anthem, and for the federal government’s Federal Aviation Administration where he not only did security work for the Western-Pacific region, he audited the F.A.A.’s entire nation-wide network for certification.


His love for security began in the United States Marine Corps where he served as a cryptographic linguist from 1987 to 1993. After that, he enrolled in Pomona College where he majored in both Psychology and Economics because it is the combination of the best and most interesting elements of personal psychology and the incentivization and move / counter-move of game-theory and economics that appeal to him most in security. And, because the most interesting stuff in security is all taking place in the world of computer / network security, that’s where James has chosen his entire career since. He’s worked for private and public corporations, governments, and himself with his own consulting company.


Building whole infrastructures, and securing them, is his absolute favorite professional occupation. It’s the experience of combining the mental challenge of mastering entire occupations and areas of thought with the child-like delight of playing with building-blocks. He is obsessed with the entire world of computing, and has been ever since the first time his sister beat him at Pong.



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