Jon Dashe

Head of Support

Jon began working in IT support for an independent Managed Services Provider (MSP) in Long Beach, California. There, he served various clients, including a large investment company, an entertainment management company, manufacturing facilities, and government institutions. His projects ranged from end user support, hardware installation and maintenance, network cabling, and systems administration tasks. He eventually took on the role of lead support and junior system administrator.


In early 2014, Jon became a founding member of DDM Technologies, a technology services and equipment provider. The services that DDM provided included consulting, equipment sales, network cabling, VoIP systems, hosted services, and more. Jon took on a lead role in customer service and tech support. Jon set his focus on maintaining customer satisfaction and improving and refining the customer service experience for DDM’s clients.


In his role as VP of Support at Fully Functional Technology, Jon oversees customer support, making sure that customer issues are resolved quickly and effectively. He also oversees network monitoring for FFT and their clients’ systems to preemptively and proactively resolve potential issues. Jon’s goal is to provide a seamless user experience for all FFT clients.

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