Paul Lazear


Paul founded Lazear Consulting, Inc. in 2000, with a focus on providing enterprise class IT to small and mid-tier businesses and non-profits. In 2005 Lazear Consulting purchased an additional consulting business and leveraged that to shift into support for media and distributed entertainment properties. Under his leadership, Lazear Consulting was an early pioneer of IT Concierge services: personalized, on-demand IT Support for executive, celebrity and high value principals. For over a decade he has provided trusted, comprehensive IT consulting services for a list of clients that includes Hollywood elites, pop artists, as well as executives from Morgan Stanley, Berkshire Hathaway, Charles Munger and The Otis Booth Foundation.


He recently partnered with Hero Ventures and Jake Berry Productions to head up IT for The Marvel Experience Tour, the most complex and technically sophisticated touring operation of its kind. Dubbed “The World’s First Hyper Reality Tour”, it includes the only 360 degree, 3D Stereoscopic theater and state of the art 4D motion rides covering an area equivalent to two football fields. Paul lead the IT team for the tour, designed the IT layout, and managed and oversaw its operation.


Paul graduated from Pomona College with a triple major in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He currently resides in Los Angeles.

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