Tony Astengo

Head of VR

Tony has been in love with technology as long as he can remember. An avid gamer as a child and teenager, Tony continually looked for and found ways to optimize his system’s performance. But Tony didn’t spend all of his time gaming, he was also an avid and accomplished teacher and coach, spending several years as a surf instructor.


Tony first worked with structured cabling when he took a job with a major network cabling contractor in Southern California. During this time, Tony worked on major multi-million dollar construction sites, learning and mastering the skills of the trade. Tony discovered the joy that comes from perfectly groomed cable runs and impeccable wiring closets.


Tony was recruited by DDM Technologies when they needed skilled technicians to expand their structured cabling division. Tony quickly became an assistant foreman at DDM, learning valuable skills such as fiber termination and certification. When DDM Technologies received a contract for the physical network for The Marvel Experience, a traveling high-technology show, Tony was the onsite network administrator for the duration of the tour, providing support and implementation for the entire network and project.


When Paul Lazear, James Wright, and the founding partners of DDM Technologies began to discuss forming a new company, they asked Tony to join as an equal partner in the new venture. At FFT, Tony oversees many projects, and has been instrumental in planning and strategy.  Now, Tony leads FFT’s virtual reality division and is focusing on virtual content creation.