A team of people focused on empowering your business to become Fully Functional

Fully Functional Technology, Inc. (FFT) is a comprehensive security and technology company. We design, build, and implement a diverse range of IT security and infrastructure to deliver solutions that are secure, easy to use, and effective.

Where did we come from?

The founding members of FFT previously ran companies specializing in diverse areas of IT, including consulting, security, construction and cabling. Originally Lazear Consulting, Inc (concierge & business IT consulting, and network design & administration), Red Team, Inc (systems security, IT architecture, engineering, and consulting), and DDM Technologies, Inc (structured cabling, business communication systems, IT consulting, and network design, installation, & administration), our merger created an agile and energetic company that allows us to more quickly and efficiently provide holistic, fully integrated solutions to meet broad-spectrum, constantly changing requirements.


What do we do?

FFT approaches every problem holistically, integrating not only not only tools and technologies but practices and human behavior to create custom tailored end to end solutions that are secure, efficient and practical. Our diverse skill-sets allows us to build solutions from the ground up to with data security and high availability baked-in from day one. Need an airtight datacenter built or an office building wired? Need to get real-time data-flow on your phone securely delivered worldwide? Need IT support who are attentive, available and can communicate to non-techies in plain english? Need a custom solution for something nobody’s ever done before? We can do all that. It’s what we do.


What have we done?

We’ve build entire IT infrastructures for companies. We’ve worked in various sectors including financial, federal and local government, entertainment, legal, health care, and of course IT. Our customers include the Federal Aviation Administration, Port of Los Angeles, Orange County, Indymac Bank, Anthem Health Insurance, Extreme Home Makeover, XIX Entertainment, Charles Munger Sr, The Booth Family Foundation, Marvel Entertainment, VRLA Expo, the Walking Dead, and several grammy-winning musical artists.


Who are we?

The members of FFT all strongly believe in excellence and personal growth. Building flexible solutions in the face of fluid requirements, challenging environments, and constant security risk requires passion, dedication, discipline, vision, and attention to detail.





We Build What You Need

Fully Functional Technology provides your company with reliable, cutting-edge technology solutions that are custom-tailored to realize your company’s goals.




We Listen

Our team understands our client’s goals are unique and require personalized solutions. We learn first, then deliver.




We Are on A Mission

We are technology-oriented but people-focused. We believe that our job is not to implement technology, but to empower businesses through technology. We love what we do and we care about our clients.