FFT assisted Mangan Construction in creating a solar farm on top of a capped landfill.

Located in Ontario, California, the PVN Milliken solar project was acquired by Nexamp in 2017 who hired Mangan Inc to construct it. The project took approximately 2 years from planning to completion, and now is operational. The facility is built on a capped landfill maintained by the county of San Bernardino, and provides a source of long-term lease income while making beneficial use of otherwise undevelopable land. This provided a particular challenge for several reasons, mostly having to do with trying to keep the landfill covered with dirt:

– There was a no-penetration rule for the ground, no digging at all.
– When it rained, we couldn’t work because it would damage the ground.
– No heavy machinery was allowed after rains until the ground was dry and the inspector allowed it.

FFT was responsible for installing all fiber-optic and copper communication cabling. We installed over a half-mile of UV-rated outdoor plant single mode fiber optic cable. We also installed a few thousand feet of copper Cat6 cabling for the communication and control boxes. FFT also did all of the fiber optic end terminations, copper terminations, and all of the network testing. Once operational, everything worked flawlessly.